Panel: 3D printing vs Injection Molding: Are We Near the Tipping Point?

  • Shana Leonard  |  VP, Content & Strategy, Advanced Manufacturing, UBM Americas, UBM
  • Greg Thompson  |  Global Product Manager for 3D Printing, Proto Labs
  • Scott Kraemer  |  Directing Manager for New Technology, PTI Engineered Plastics
  • Dana McCallum  |  Head of Production, Partnerships at Carbon
Location:  Center Stage
Date:  Thursday, November 9
Time:  1:45pm - 2:15pm
Format: Panel
Industry: Plastics
Track: Center Stage (Free)
Session Type: Center Stage (Free)
Pass Type: Conference (Paid), Expo (Free)
Audience Level: All

From aircraft parts and medical implantable devices to athletic shoes, 3D printing technology is increasingly moving beyond its roots in rapid prototyping to the manufacture of finished products. Companies such as HP and Carbon have developed additive manufacturing techniques that, they claim, will make them competitive with injection molding in certain production volumes and applications. Moreover, 3D printing enables designs and geometries that would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to achieve using other manufacturing methods. How close are we to the tipping point when 3D printing becomes an economically viable alternative to injection molding? Our panel, which includes experts from both worlds, will weigh in during what promises to be a lively debate.